The Cory.Care platform takes the digital health data from your personal devices  and helps to interpret your own vital signs. Digital care right at your fingertips, under your control!


One of the strongest support systems in any health-related goal is tracking progress by monitoring data over longer periods of time. Cory.Care helps you to make sense of different data streams and empower you to keep going.

Instant help

We assist you in your personal health journey by putting you in control of your own data and matching your personal health cycle and optimization goals with tailor made medical & mental programs.


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Your employees are the bloodline of your business. Contributing to their health and performance doesn't only make sense. It also drastically cuts back company health costs.


By collectively monitoring team performance and vitality, using our SMART algorithms and artificial intelligence engines, The Cory.Care dashboard provides you with the insights that will help you to stay ahead of stress & burnouts that lead to absenteeism.

Safe Secure

The combination of safe & secure monitoring and daily contact moments reinforce a strong employee willingness to stay active. connects to all major fitness tracking software helping you to set and reach your health goals.

Health Challenge

The 'Xperts' of Cory.Care have created and improved unique company health programs, that can help your workforce to stay focussed and energized, while at the same time rested and relaxed.