Measure & Monitor

Cory.Care is an intelligent platform giving you access to doctors, lifestyle coaches, dietitians, sleep coaches and psychologists at any moment of the day. Via offline and online health checks, symptom checkers and wearables we can assess your health and provide you with personal advice for a tailor made healthy lifestyle.

Your health cycle

We live in a world where digitalization will help us gain more control of our personal health situation. XpertHealth has the ambition to become your personal guide helping you on this journey. Combining the strengths of digital solutions with our offline Health Xperts, expertise and experience will make us a trustworthy and dedicated partner to help you with all aspects of your health cycle, both mental and as well as physical. We believe that monitored data and intelligent digital services will support anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle, to make sure you can live life to the fullest!

Cory.Care helps you to monitor your personal health cycle. Our tailor made interventions and our ‘Xperthealth’ professionals are there for you 24/7, supporting you to navigate your path to a smarter and healthier future.

Vitality & Prevention

Real-time insights of physical & mental health + tailor-made health programs


Real-time dashboard information of status, patterns & progress of monitored health

24/7 Access to professionals

Our Health Team will provide you with health checks, both online as offline, about your physical and mental history and status. The results will be analyzed by professional doctors and lifestyle coaches. Our team will make an appointment with you and based on the results of your test will give you advice and a plan how to improve your health. This is not where the journey stops. Through our Cory.Care platform you will have 24/7 access to track and discuss your progress. Making Cory.Care your personal Health Xpert and provide you with tailored interventions.


All your medical needs at your fingertips. Using your own device(s) get direct access to support, assistance or information about YOUR HEALTHCYCLE

Download the app!

Download the app!