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We are the people behind Cory.care. Our personal passions all converge in the management of health using both digital technology with a human touch. Follow us on linkedin and check our personal message to you!

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Derk Rietveld

Founder XpertHealth / Cory.care
Orthopedic Surgeon www.cory.care

A healthy tip by Derk

The traditional medical system is not changing as fast as I want it to...

Technological advancements like Online Analysis using Artificial Intelligence, increased speed in diagnostics using 5G and consulting by video are just some examples that are becoming more important in healthcare and will usher in a new era of PERSONAL CARE and responsibility.

The future success of all of these innovations lie in a stronger restructured foundation of the entire medical system. An endeavor not to be made by one company, but by partnering with many care providers around the world.

In my own practice, I see many different people and cultures. It is a place where real human contact makes the difference in spotting problems early on and connecting with people as a partner in health. We should never forget that access to care & medicine is a basic human right characterised by the impact of feeling sick, working to get healthy and the personal contact of those who CARE… all HUMAN.

That is why I hope that Cory.Care, can contribute to a new, affordable and accessible healthcare system, not only by innovating care, but also by making sure that the human component does not get lost in a time of great technological advancement.  

A focus trick by Birgit

XpertHealth is a health consultancy company with an innovative International eHealth platform for health providers, companies (B2B), and consumers (B2C). Independent medical advisor, involved in international medical services, data science, corporate health, and innovative health-related products and services. XpertHealth is a contemporary thinking, innovative health company with a strong culture and vision. We connect globally through digital solutions.

Birgit Holla-Smit

Managing Director
Advisory Board Member www.cory.care

Annemieke Deiman

Slaapexpert I Psycholoog I Trainer www.sleepwellness.nl www.onlineslaapcoaching.nl

A sleep routine by Annemieke

Sleep Wellness Consultancy enhances the sleep quality and vitality of individuals and companies. Everybody deserves a vibrant life!

Interested in the incompany workshop Sleep & Vitality, Shift Work & Sleep or the Boost your Energy training? Or would you rather have personal consults for your employees to increase their energy levels?


A mental note by Tim

Nothing is more important than our own health. Our company’s philosophy is that everybody should have access to primary healthcare and preventative solutions at any moment of the day. Focus right now it too much on curing and we need a hard switch more to prevention.

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Tim Wolbrink

Business Development Director
Cory.Care Product & domain Expert www.cory.care

Thom van Boheemen

Product & Behaviour Designer

With a focus on prevention, we want our users to become more aware of their health and lifestyle and show them how to create a positive impact through small but meaningful change where it is most effective. Creating a personalised experience through data science, working with Xperts in the field and personal interaction.

”To create synergies between the factors that influence health and to preserve and promote them – this is my daily motivation.“

Madeleine Baurhenne

Health Xpert

Tony Wu

Fitness Expert

Physical activities preventing disease, promoting health and well-being, and enhancing longevity. We are connecting health care with evidence-based physical activity resources for people everywhere and of all abilities.



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